About Us

Our wide range of experience, provides us with the unique ability to see the ‘BIG’ picture when it comes to Web Strategy & Technology. Because of that we know what online tools work for many various industries. Furthermore, with over 45 years of IT experience and guidance by our Director, and former IBM Global Business Intelligence Architect, along with our familiarity of the many different business processes in web design allows us to offer our clients with some of the most comprehensive Web services available; all done in-house nor out-sourced to another country.

In addition to our many years experience, another key point that World Nexus Publications prides itself on, is commitment and dedication to give the best possible customer service our clients can get. While other companies may claim to provide top-notch customer service, World Nexus actually delivers; unparalleled service in the industry; in-house and never outsourced.

Founded in 2004, World Nexus Publications is a small web design & development agency is based in Santa Fe, NM, in the USA. During those years we’ve built an exceptional reputation for building not good, not great, but fantastic websites that are not only beautiful and functional, are easy-to-maneuver and be maintained by the client; unless of course, they don’t want to be bothered by it, in which case we’ll even do that for them.

A Word About Our Director

Jari Mikkola had been working internationally with many global projects around the world for many years now and recently retired from IBM Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Jari has relocated back to the United States and is now living and working in Santa Fe, New Mexico and dedicates all his time, skills and experience to World Nexus Publications.

It was because of Jari’s abilities on both the functional and technical side of business and having worked as a consultant for so many years, that it was only natural he become the driving force in establishing World Nexus Publications (which was officially founded in 2008).

World Nexus Publications has motivated Jari Mikkola as the team’s driving force in sharing his unique insight to business and technology, combined with innovation and creativity, to allow us to do our best job for each and every one of clients. To put it into his own words, “If we’re going to introduce technology on the Internet to a client, who may or may not be familiar with it, we need to be damn good and sure that our designs are not only innovative, aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, and useful, they must surpass our client’s wildest expectations by not only meeting their business goals and requirements, but do it with intelligence and foresight.”


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