From Our Director – Jari Mikkola


29 August 2014

What always takes the most time is graphical work. Paying attention to detail is critical when layout a fabulous website. At time I’ve been called anal because I measure placement and the size of graphic down to the pixel; therefore PREVIEWING a page or a post before PUBLISHING is important.

I find using tables can help the appearance of a post immensely when placing graphical images like arrows, or ‘last/next’ buttons are properly positioned on the page. Balance is the key and nothing becomes more evident on a website than the balance being offset, colors are hideous and the layout just doesn’t work with the element included as a whole on the page/post…



23 August 2014

Finally got the layout functioning and verified all the CATEGORIES, PAGES, and MENU. What seems to be slowing us down is the graphic art, because it has to be perfect for our own website…right down to the pixel. Not that we don’t do that for clients as well.

While that was being done, we got SSL installed (a way of securing our website) because GOOGLE just made an announcement that by end-of-3rd-quarter they will begin giving preference in the rankings to those web sites that have it implemented. This is an effort, they say, to make sure security as more and more hackers and spammers seem to be taking advantage of the weaker loopholes when it’s not.  Hmm. I wonder whose fault that is…



22 August 2014

Been doing a lot of layout issues and trouble shooting on the NEW & IMPROVED WordPress and Plug-Ins… However, nothing to this point seems to have worked. The design is coming along, albeit not as fast as I had planned but there have been some interruptions in the process.

When I’m not working on the design, I find myself busy writing and brainstorming what’s important…and although there has been no scope-creep (unplanned additional functionality) working off a satellite does have some drawbacks.



19 August 2014

Welcome to the World Nexus Productions blog page. Not sure how many people will be reading this, as one never knows how the Internet will direct them here. Although we try our best to get noticed by all the search engines.

As you can see we’ve begun the process of configuring our own website at last. Many of our clients have asked how come we didn’t have one yet, and our response was, “We’ve been so busy building yours, we haven’t had time to build ours.” Well, nothing much has changed as far as being busy, as our day’s are pretty much filled with working on various projects here at World Nexus, but we decided to make time and get the word out; so here it is!

So far we have designed the graphical layouts, and began by creating a Welcome‘ page and Branding page (meaning client intent, buy you’ll see if you haven’t already). Most of the work is in determining from a PSD layout what the page is going to look like and then take that rendition and parse it up (break it up into logical sections) so they can be used throughout the website; like the side bar, footer, page sizes etc.

That done, since last Friday, we added our first two pages.  Drop us a line and let us know what you think…