Our clients are the most important assets we have and we depend on them to survive. Therefore, when they need assistance for support, we do not see them as an interruption to our work, but the primary reason behind our work. “Although World Nexus Publications is a small firm, we recognized a long time ago that the client as an integral part of our design infrastructure team, and we survive by their support as well. We don’t do them a favor by resolving any issue they may have, they are doing us a favor by providing us the opportunity to do so.”

— Jari Mikkola, Director

We take great pride in providing our client base with excellent service in understanding their design requirements, and our ultimate goal is to ensure that they are treated with services we believe form the foundation of our integrity, respectability, and professionalism. Whether its prior, during or after their design has gone ‘live.’

All our builds offer a 30-day full service after a hand-off, and we offer great service agreements so they don’t have to worry about making sure their website is up-to-date and fully operational 24/7/365.  We take great pride in providing our clients the superior customer service we would expect, every time they contact us.

World Nexus Publications has been designing websites for many years and see our clients as an integral part of our studio that we consider as our most valuable assets. Without them, we would not exist. Because without them telling their friends, colleagues and associates about us, we cannot continue to grow.

To better facilitate our client’s ability to report issues , we have provided a form that immediately notifies our director about their service issues. Using this system enables us to act quickly to easily identify that our client’s needs are immediately resolved. Thus, encourage them to use this system, which is continuously monitored to ensure quality service.

Whether or not you are an existing client, but would like our support or assistance, please send us your request:

If you are not a client, or would just like to make an inquiry to discuss customer service, website design, updates or other any other issue, please feel free to: